About Us

This is the PLACE to be if you are an ambitious financial business. We have raised millions of pounds worth of deposits for our clients and 1000’s of investors have accessed the services our clients provide due to using our customer acquisition methods.

Our proven methods have demonstrated time and time again to deliver high quality customers to businesses. It is this know-how in online objection handling and delivering persuasive marketing material at the right stage of the buying process through automation that helps you save time and money whilst achieving the best ROI from working with us.

We aim to increase your sales conversion rates…our stand out skill is being able to create persuasive marketing material that overcomes your prospects objections through their journey and deliver your financial products and services through automation.

Simon Rickett founded Convertz. He has over a decade of experience raising millions for brokers, asset managers and traders. He is one of the most sought after business growth expert for increasing clients for financial businesses. Since 2006 he has grown 3 million pound businesses from scratch and through trial and error has built a proven framework and formula for attracting and keeping new customers.

In 2013 he took this formula and framework to the finance world and has spent the last decade growing the assets under management for brokers, money managers and traders.
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