Online Objection Handling

Every buyer has an objection before they purchase. Your businesses sales team deal with these objections every single day – imagine now though instead of employing a team of sales people you could answer these objections online through persuasive marketing.

Addressing your prospects objections through their buying journey is inevitably what drives sales – with the advancements in marketing automation technology these objections can be addressed online without the need of a large sales team.

Here at Convertz we have developed a system we call FEPS (Fast Effective Persuasion System) that delivers the right message to buyers at the right stage of the buying process, that overcomes objections through automation.

This system has proven for years to lower a businesses sales costs and increase the ROI on marketing spend.

Your business will have its own unique objections related to the product of service being delivered. Our team of persuasive marketing will work with you to plot these objections through a pre-determined route of automation to ensure your buyers have all their objections answered through the buying process with reduced contact time with sales personal.

Imagine a scenario where automation can drive sales to your business, without the costs of staff – contact us here to find out here how we can work with your business create a powerful online objection handling process

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