Local Automation Coach is the latest brand offered by Convertz. For over a decade our proprietary techniques have been introduced across businesses that have monthly marketing budgets in the tens of thousands. Our main focus has been working with larger businesses and improving performance.

Buying behaviours of consumers doesn’t just affect large businesses it affects all businesses, and Local Automation Coach was launched in 2019 to provide our proven sales and marketing strategies to medium and smaller sized local businesses.

If your business falls into this category our ‘coaches’ are on hand to visit you and explain how our techniques and systems work. They will explain the how, and more importantly why what we have available here can increase your profitability. They will share with you the psychology and the theory of why these proprietary sales and marketing techniques work, as well share case studies of the successes we have had. We understand each business is different and therefore your Local Automation Coach will work with you to tailor a bespoke service that suits the needs of your business.

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What makes us stand out is our ability to take existing data and leads, create nurturing automated buying processes and improve the chances of turning that lead into a customer whilst aiming to improve conversion rates, reduce sales costs and achieving a better ROI on your marketing expenditure.

Our advanced sales and marketing systems have been introduced into specific niche’s over the years including securing investors into a financial product known as a Managed Account.

In 2018 Convertz partnered with Tirthas as Tirthas approached Convertz to assist them to grow the client base of their managed account network. Convertz continues to provide the Tirthas group of companies their proprietary techniques and advanced automated marketing systems so they can be shared across their network of clients.


Acorn 2 Oak FX is our flagship lead generation platform aimed specifically at the finance and forex sector. Appearing on the first page of Google for many competitive search terms, we are able to generate new leads for finance companies in this sector. On a day by day basis we generate high volume of leads and continue to look for new opportunities across the finance sector.

Acorn 2 Oak is our easy to use customer interface which generates high volume of leads for those looking at Managed Forex Accounts. All leads generated enter into our automated sales and marketing systems that continue to increase the client base of brokers and managed fx providers across the globe.

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Many businesses we work with already have their own leads and customer data, and use our services to demonstrate how best to increase conversions and achieve a better ROI on their marketing spend. From time to time some businesses that approach us are yet to find reliable methods of lead generation. For businesses that fall into that category we provide marketing platforms to drive new leads for businesses in various sectors.

Approved Franchises is a lead platform aimed specifically at the franchise sector. Approved Franchises leads are a reliable source of new clients, these are potential franchisees looking to buy a franchise right now and we pass these leads onto franchise businesses on a day to day basis.

All leads we generate our clients through our marketing platforms enter into our automated marketing systems to help maximise conversion rates. We have seen time and time again that leads don’t convert into paying customers unless the sales system considers the buying habits of the buyer, therefore our lead platforms are only available to clients of Convertz. If you are a franchise company visit Approved Franchises below to find out more.

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Our proprietary techniques and advanced marketing solutions have been offered across multiple sectors over the last decade. One sector we have seen significant success in is the Franchise sector. Franchise Inner Circle (FIC) is available to assist Franchise companies who are looking to grow their franchise network. As an automation marketing company we provide you access to a recruitment model that has secured over 1000 franchise sales over the years.

The Franchise sector covers a whole range of industries and the systems we share benefits both the Franchisor and the individual franchisees. FIC is aimed specifically at franchise companies who are looking to increase their conversion rates of franchise sales.

If you are looking for assistance with recruiting franchisees and introducing a recruitment model that has proved itself over 1000 times visit FIC.

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Customer Reviews

An approach to marketing that provided us with increased client volume from a marketplace we were not aware we could exploit.

Rob Berkley


Having run a traditional sales business with 30 sales staff Convertz revolutionised our sales process and reduced our costs.

Allan Foulkes


We have used Convertz for over a decade to provide consultancy services on all our online sales and marketing activities.

Rafique Patel

Bond Adams