Persuasive Marketing

Persuasion marketing applies what we know about human psychology to develop techniques to market products or services. In this case, it specifically applies to the promotion aspect of the marketing mix, and builds on a customer's impulsive behavior to lead them to purchase. Understanding the buying behavior patterns of today’s buyers and delivering a marketing message that addresses their behaviors is how persuasive marketing works.

In terms of Internet commerce, persuasion marketing includes how a web page is designed, the content of the website, and call to actions on the website.

Again, applying human psychology to the internet—focusing on the part of the decision-making process that’s not consciously controlled—elements such as layout, copy, and typography, combined with the right promotional messages, encourage website visitors to follow pre-planned pathways on the website, and take specific actions, rather than giving them free reign of choice in how they interact with the website.

Convertz has developed a system that has a pre set of planned pathways that have demonstrated time and time again to persuade buyers to become clients through persuasive marketing and automation. To find out more about how persuasion marketing can work for your business contact us here

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