Business to Consumer

Customer Generation B2C Sector

Your customer’s choice of provider for a variety of consumer goods and services is a critical decision, we understand where consumers are in the buying process and  target customer at the right stage of the buying process for you.

In many situations the tracking of customers is carried out manually by businesses, this is labour intensive and often results in human error being made.  In today’s marketplace it has been scientifically proven there are 7 steps before a lead becomes a customer. Prospects spend more time browsing these days than ever before therefore it is essential the sales and marketing systems in place address this behaviour pattern.

Marketing Expertise

Prospects want to be courted. Depending on the prospect, courting can take 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or even years. Prospects don’t buy until TRUST is developed, therefore the 7 step buying process must achieve TRUST at all stages. An automation marketing system can address all stages of the buying process and can replicate the stages of the buying process a sales person would cover from face to face meetings. This is what makes the system available here at Convertz so exciting.

We work in a consultative way to gain a deep understand of the businesses that we work with. By doing this we can design a marketing system to include all elements of the buying process.

B2C prospecting and buying cycles can extend over many months. Your leads can be nurtured using various techniques our team will implement so we can deliver you a system that matches the buying habits of today’s buyers and therefore more likely to convert to sales.

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