Why Pay Per Lead Is Great For Your Business



Right now there are customers looking online for your products or services. Are they finding you? At Convertz, we use a variety of Internet advertising and web marketing techniques to help READY-TO-BUY customers find YOU. We blend creative solutions with metrics-driven approaches to ensure maximum return on your advertising spend. By listening to your goals […]

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Why Nurturing Your Leads Is Key To Turn Leads InTo Buyers



Lead nurture is crucial to Inbound Marketing and Sales. Here’s what you should be doing to effectively nurture leads through their purchase journey. The Value Offered By Effective Lead Nurture For most Inbound campaigns the prime goal is strong, relevant lead generation and conversion of those leads into customers. Sounds straightforward. But without effective nurture, […]

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5 Ways to align sales and marketing



Time and energy spent chasing different prizes and valuing different elements of the journey serve no purpose for either camp. And will almost certainly lead to lost opportunities, smaller pipelines and reduced revenue. All of which is likely to impact trust and encourage finger pointing. If you’re lucky enough to work in an organisation where […]

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