Why Pay Per Lead Is Great For Your Business




Right now there are customers looking online for your products or services. Are they finding you? At Convertz, we use a variety of Internet advertising and web marketing techniques to help READY-TO-BUY customers find YOU.

We blend creative solutions with metrics-driven approaches to ensure maximum return on your advertising spend. By listening to your goals and understanding your challenges, we develop comprehensive online campaigns that:

  •  Establishes credibility
  • Establishes your Expert status
  • Solidifies your brand in your  Market,
  • And best of all drives Serious Ready-To-Act customers to your business.

You See, We drive buyers not browsers to your business looking for your products or services RIGHT NOW. This is exactly how professional lead generation techniques work. Our services can separate you from your competition and authoritatively establish you as the market leader in your service areas.

That’s the power of a comprehensive Internet Marketing Strategy. Benefits of our STRATEGIC Pay-Per-Lead Marketing System

  1. First and foremost, it’s EASY! With almost no effort on your part, our team can suggest the best marketing platform and sector that your business applies to. Instead of the hassle and months of delays that are consistent with trying to build your own website, paying way too much for it, and then trying to figure out how to get people to it, we take care of all of that for you…at no cost to you.
  1. Second, there is almost NO risk involved. We don’t believe in tying our partners down into long-term contracts…instead, we believe in continually proving that we can do what we say can do. So can we do it? Well, we’ve never lost a Pay-For-Performance partner that has signed up with us, so I guess the proof is in the pudding.
  1. Third, you have complete control over your marketing budget. You decide how many customer leads you want each month and then we go out and get them. Our professional lead generation experts scout for potential customers that will improve your profit. Also, if you’re swamped with work and need the lead volume to slow down, that’s not a problem…just let us know. On the other hand, if you like what we’ve done and want more, we can bring more leads your way as well
  1. Lastly, we provide the most cost-effective advertising solution for your business. You don’t have to spend your money advertising to people who might or might not want your services. With our leads, you know the people want your service because they have already contacted YOU directly.

But let’s look at the costs of OUR services, and compare them to other advertising sources…

Because our advertising services are performance-based, we often ask potential partners to break down the performance of their other advertisements.

The easiest way to determine this is to, first, calculate how much a new customer lead costs. So let’s assume you buy a 1 year ad in the Yellow pages for £12,500.

How many customer leads will that ad result in?

Let’s say you get 6 calls a week (being generous here), every week throughout the year. In this case, you would be paying £43.50 for every phone call. Or let’s say you took out a 1-week ad in the local newspaper for £3,000 and received 30 leads…in this case, you would have paid £100 for each lead.

Yellow Pages £12,500 6 Leads X 52 Weeks = £43.50 Per lead

Local Newspaper £3,000 30 Leads X 1 Week = £100.00 Per Lead

The leads we can generate your business by using Convertz is a fraction of these costs and our team are on hand to explain in full how this can work for you.

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